‘Lamprologus’ speciosus from Lake Tanganyika

'Lamprologus' speciosus

‘Lamprologus’ speciosus. Photo by Dave Hansen

‘Lamprologus’ speciosus is another hard working Lake Tanganyika shell dweller. A pair will spend most of the day digging and cleaning around their shell which sits in a depression in the sand. Males, which are larger than females, will also spend time defending their territory from any intruders.

‘Lamprologus’ speciosus is commonly known as the black ocellatus. While it has the same shape and traits of other ocellatus like Lamprologus ocellatus “gold”, ‘L’. speciosus has a bland coloration. While displaying they can get rather dark, hence their name, most of the time they are plain with some highlights of color around the body and fins.

A single pair of ‘Lamprologus’ speciosus can be kept in a small tank, but if more ‘L’. speciosus or other species are to be kept with them, a larger tank is needed. Don’t be fooled by their size, ‘L’. speciosus can be aggressive and pack a punch. Females will lay eggs inside the shell and pinhead size fry will begin to emerge from the shell. Both parents will protect the young until they are old enough to go out on their own. To read more about Lake Tanganyika shell dwellers, check out the Shell Dweller Corner in the library. For discussion these and other shell dwellers visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

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