Lamprologus’ sp. “Ornatipinnis Zambia”


Lamprologus‘ sp. “Ornatipinnis Zambia”. Photo by Dave Hansen

Lamprologus‘ sp. “Ornatipinnis Zambia” is one of the wonderful species of shell dwelling cichlids from Lake Tanganyika. Shell dwellers make their homes in empty Neothauma tanganyicense shells. The shells offer shell dwelling cichlids not only protection, but also a place to lay eggs, raise fry and declare territories. Different species of shell dwellers bury the shells in different ways. Some species will dig a pit around the shells while others will bury the shell. ‘L.‘ sp. “Ornatipinnis Zambia” buries its shell leaving only a tiny entrance visible.

Lamprologus‘ sp. “Ornatipinnis Zambia” is not as common in the hobby as other species, but its behavior is just as entertaining. To find out more about Lake Tanganyika shell dwellers check out the Shelldweller Corner in the Library. To discuss ‘L.‘ sp. “Ornatipinnis Zambia” visit the Lake Tanganyika forum.

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