Labidochromis ianthinus from Lake Malawi

Labidochromis ianthinus

Labidochromis ianthinus. Photo by Ad Konings

Labidochromis caeruleus, commonly known as the yellow lab, is the most widely known species in the Labidochromis genus. Their bright color and moderate nature make them ideal of many tank setups. Despite L. caeruleus’ popularity, the genus has an impressive amount of species. Most of which look nothing like the yellow lab. Labidochromis ianthinus is one of the many species in the genus that hasn’t become popular in the hobby.

Labidochromis ianthinus is found around Mbenji Island and Nkhoma Reef in southern Lake Malawi. The species feeds on invertebrates in shallow waters. Like L. caeruleus, L. ianthinus do not appear to be very territorial and both males and females display the rich blues seen in the picture above. Hopefully this species will become available in the hobby. To discuss L. ianthinus visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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