Labeotropheus artatorostris described

Labeotropheus artatorostris

Male Labeotropheus artatorostris. Photo from publication / Ad Konings

Labeotrophus is a genus with only a handful of species, of which L. fuelleborni and L. trewavasae are the most well known in the hobby. A new species has been proposed by Michael J. Pauers from what were originally considered variants from Mumbo and Thumbi West Islands. The proposed new species name is Labeotropheus artatorostris.

The article is behind a paywall at, but the abstract mentions differences in shape, quantitative characteristics and color as the basis to declare the variants a new species. Hopefully more details and photos will become available. To discus the potential new Labeotropheus artatorostris species visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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