Katria katria from Madagascar

katria katria

Young Katria katria. Photo by Dave Hansen.

Endemic to the Nosivolo River in Eastern Madagascar, Katria katria is a species not often seen in the hobby. Originally classified as Ptychochromoides katria, K. katria was given its own genus in 2006. Males can grow up to 6 inches and will develop a nuchal hump as they mature. They can be aggressive so a large tank with plenty of cover is a must. Tankmates should be hardy by not overly aggressive.

In the wild, Katria katria live in fast moving rivers with a high oxygen content. Although strong currents aren’t needed in a tank, well oxygenated water is a must. Breeding takes place in typical egg-layer fashion, usually on the side of rocks or small caves. However, successfully breeding K. katria can be elusive. To discuss K. katria visit the Lake Victoria Basin, West African, Madagascar & Asian Species forum.

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