Isis Aquarium creating a new look

isis aquarium

What started as a Kickstarter project that has already met its goal, Isis Aquarium looks to change the look of aquariums. This new design breaks away from the traditional aquarium and offers something a little more sophisticated. Made entirely of acrylic, the Isis Aquarium will hold 25 gallons and is a little over two and a half feet long.

Personally I like the design. This aquarium is definitely meant to be an interesting highlight in a room without dominating it. Its clean and bright all around viewing will spur much discussion. Unfortunately, I do see a few problems that aren’t completely addressed by the designer. Cleaning will be an issue, especially with the smaller openings on the top. The other problem is what to do with the power cords for the filter and light. On side/end of the aquarium will need to be close to a wall and partially hidden.

If you think that an Isis Aquarium will look good in your home or office, keep an eye on for when they become available. You can also read and see more about this product on their Kickstarter Project Page.

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