Herichthys carpintis from eastern Mexico

Herichthys carpintis

Herichthys carpintis. Photo by H. Zell CC by 3.0

Herichthys carpintis is a large cichlid from the Panuco River drainage of eastern Mexico. They can be found in both fast moving or still waters. A range of temperatures and water conditions are also well tolerated. H. carpintis is similar to, and often misidentified as, a Texas Cichlid (H. cyanoguttatus). Common names for H. carpintis include green Texas cichlid or pearlscale cichlid. Despite being confused for the Texas cichlid, H. carpintis is not native to Texas waters.

Herichthys carpintis males can reach a size of 12 inches while females rarely grow larger than 8 inches. These fish can also be very aggressive, especially when breeding or caring for their young. Because of their size and aggression, a 5 foot tank or larger is recommended, especially if you want more than on pair. A male and female will usually pair off and become aggressive toward other fish just prior to breeding. While spawns can number in the hundreds, larger adults can lay upwards of 1000 eggs. To discuss Herichthys carpintis visit the Central American Cichlids forum.

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