Geophagus mirabilis from Brazil

Geophagus mirabilis

Geophagus mirabilis. Photo from publication by Oliver Lucanus.

A new species of Geophagus has been recently describe. Found in the Aripuanã drainage of northwestern Brazil, Geophagus mirabilis stands out from other fish in the Genus thanks to a series of large black spots found along its side.

The name Geophagus come from two Greek words meaning earth-eater. They get their name because they scoop up substrate into their mouths and sift it small invertebrates and plant matter. Geophagus can get quite large, but despite their size pose little threat to other species. Care should be taken with tank mates that may be too aggressive. To find out more about Geophagus mirabilis visit for a copy of the publication in PDF.

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