FOTAS 2017 annual convention

fotas 2017

Celebrating their 65th annual convention, the Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies (FOTAS) will be hosted by the Houston Aquarium Society and the Houston Cichlid Club. FOTAS is a collection of aquatic organizations based throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Annual conventions rotate among the member organizations and have been held annually since 1953. This year’s FOTAS 2017 convention will held at the Hilton NASA Clear Lake hotel in Houston, TX October 20-22.

The FOTAS 2017 convention will include speakers, a fish show, awards banquet and an auction on the final day. Vendor tables will also be set up during the entire event. Not all FOTAS member clubs are cichlid related so expect to see a variety of fish and goods on display. For more information, registration, hotel discount and tank rentals visit the event website.


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