FOTAS 2016 Annual Convention

fotas 2016

The Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies will be holding its annual convention in Schertz, TX on October 21-23. FOTAS is an organization which includes aquarium clubs from Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Each year one of the member clubs hosts the organization’s convention. This year’s convention, FOTAS 2016, is being held by the Hill Country Cichlid Club.

Events planned for FOTAS 2016 include guest speakers, fish show, club vs club decorating contest and finishing with a large fish auction. Guest speakers include Susan Robinson, Kyle Osterholt, Dave Schumacher and Dr. Michael Kidd. Each year’s convention tends to lean heavily toward the host club’s interests. Since the HCCC is a cichlid club, expect to see a mostly cichlid oriented convention and auction. For more information visit the HCCC Events Facebook page.

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