Cyphotilapia gibberosa Mikula

Cyphotilapia gibberosa

Cyphotilapia gibberosa Mikula. Photo by Russ Fairburn (aka Razzo)

Over the last few years a new variant of Cyphotilapia gibberosa has become available as wild specimens are imported and hobbyists have been breeding them. The variant known as Cyphotilapia gibberosa Mikula gets its name from its collection point in Lake Tanganyika. The photo above and a dozen more have been made available by Russ Fairburn (aka Razzo) and can be found in the C. gibberosa Mikula Profile. Russ has graciously allowed us to use his excellent photographs and regularly contributes to the site.

Russ best describes the Mikula variant:

Mikula has been, arguably, the hottest collection point the past couple years. Mikula enthusiasts claim that fish collected at Mikula have the smallest crown of any Cyphotilapia collection point and also boast the darkest black stripes and more blue pigment than most other Zaire collection points.

Take a look at the Mikula Profile and judge for yourself.

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