Coptodon thysi guarding fry video

A great in the wild video by Adrian Indermaur showing a pair of Coptodon thysi guarding their fry.

Lake Bermin is a small volcanic lake in the Southwestern region of Cameroon. Despite measuring only 700 meters in diameter, it is home to nine endemic cichlid species. How such a small lake brought about so many different species is still up for debate. One of the nine species, Coptodon thysi, can be seen in the video above defending their fry. There isn’t much information on this species and they are very rare in the hobby. Unfortunately, C. thysi and all the other species from the lake are critically endangered due to pollution and sedimentation. Like other lakes in the region, Lake Bermin species are also threatened by large and sudden emissions of carbon dioxide. To discuss C. thysi and the other species from Lake Bermin visit the West African Species forum.

Coptodon thysi

Coptodon thysi guarding their fry. Screen capture from video.

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