Cookie Cutter setups getting a face lift

cookie cutter setups

The cookie cutter setups are getting reworked over the next couple weeks. These setups are designed to help beginners get an idea of suitable fish combinations based on tank sizes. These guides aren’t the only options, especially for larger tanks, but are a good starting point. Keep in mind that other factors may play into the success of a tank, including aquascaping and even an unusually aggressive fish.

To kick off the new cookie cutter recommendations a new aquarium size was added, 15 gallon or 20 gallon Tall. While the 15 gallon size isn’t seen too often, it has the same footprint of the more common 20 gallon tall (24″ x 12″). This aquarium size fits in between the smaller 10 gallon and the popular 20 gallon Long tank. Keep an eye out for changes to the cookie cutter setups found in the Quick Reference section of the library.

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