Astatotilapia aeneocolor library article

Astatotilapia aeneocolor

Astatotilapia aeneocolor. Photo by Dave Hansen

A new article on Astatotilapia aeneocolor by Greg Steeves has been added to the site’s library. Originally found in Lake George and Kazinga Channel, this Lake Victoria Basin species spends most of it’s time feeding along the papyrus reeds, while rarely venturing into open waters. This omnivore appears to live mostly off of larvae and plant matter.

In the aquarium Astatotilapia aeneocolor is an undemanding fish that does well when some form of cover or caves are provided. Once they reach maturity, expect A. aeneocolor to spawn regularly in typical mouthbrooder fashion. For more pictures and information on this species see the Species Article. For discussion visit the Lake Victoria Basin forum.


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