Aquariums nationwide show increased attendance

Aquariums attendance

Aquariums nationwide have seen an increased attendance. This is a positive sign in so many ways. People going out and spending money on leisure activities is a good sign for the economy. Aside from that, aquariums will have a good reason to keep their doors open and the local economies in cities with aquariums will benefit. According to some articles, investment in exhibits has helped drive up attendance and that benefits us all. According to the Baltimore Sun, the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD and Washington DC has shown its first increase in revenues since the recession began. The Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, TX set a new attendance record in 2012. The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL became the most visited aquarium in the U.S., topping the nation’s largest aquarium in Georgia. The Chicago Sun Times credits popular exhibits with lifting the Shedd Aquarium to the number one spot.

Aquariums are making a big push to keep those attendance numbers up. The National Aquarium is promoting Fishing for Love this February with special promotions for couples. The Texas State Aquarium is focusing on environmental issues to attract attendees. Visit your local aquarium’s website to see what new exhibits and offers they may have.

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