Altolamprologus fasciatus from Lake Tanganyika

Altolamprologus fasciatus

Altolamprologus fasciatus. Photo by Ad Konings

Altolamprologus fasciatus is the lesser known cousin of Altolamprologus calvus and Altolamprologus compressiceps. Both A. calvus and A. compressiceps are easily recognizable by their laterally compressed body and unique profile. Although A. fasciatus’ body is somewhat similar to the other species in the genus, it differs enough that it may eventually be reclassified into another genus. For the time being, it is still an Altolamprologus.

In the wild Altolamprologus fasciatus is a predator feeding mostly on fry and small fish in shallow, rocky waters. Adults can reach 6 inches in length. In the aquarium A. fasciatus is peaceful toward other species but can be aggressive toward its own. Because of its peaceful nature it does well with many other species. However, if other fish are too aggressive or active, A. fasciatus may become very shy. Dietary considerations should also be taken. A. fasciatus needs a diet high in protein which may not be suitable for other fish. To discuss Altolamprologus fasciatus visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

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