Aequidens superomaculatum described

Aequidens superomaculatum

Aequidens superomaculatum specimen. Photo from publication

A paper has been written describing a new species, Aequidens superomaculatum. Most Aequidens species can be found in the Amazon and Orinoco River basins. Several species of Aequidens have been moved to other genera as classifications are sorted out. A. superomaculatum shares many physical attributes as other Aequidens, but differs enough to receive its own species name. The specimens were collected from several locations in rivers and canals in southern Venezuela between Brazil and Colombia.

The publication appears to be only available in Spanish. For those with just a little understanding, enough can be understood to find out what sets Aequidens superomaculatum apart from other similar species. The publications can be found at To discuss A. superomaculatum visit the South American Species forum.

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