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Pseudotropheus elongatus
by Marc Elieson

Male Pseudotropheus elongatus ''Likoma Island''Ps. elongatus is easily distinguished from other Mbuna species because of its more slender, and elongated body (hence the name). Ps. elongatus "Likoma Island" is one of the thirty-five or so Pseudotropheus elongatus variants. This adult male is rather domineering. This is probably more function of his larger adult size. Consequently, he hassles his tankmates with similar coloring: demasoni (who hold their own), saulosi, and another elongatus (medium-sized). He prevents the other elongatus from displaying her blue colors. When she was younger, he had her so stressed that her color was almost orange. Within 30-seconds of separating them, she had regained her full color.

Adults reach an impressive length of up to 6.5". Broods consist of 24-30 fry, who quickly take on the blue and black color (i.e., within 2 months usually). And like most mbuna, this species is primarily vegetrian; consequently, it should be fed foods high in spirulina and other vegetable matter. □


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